Saturday, 14 November 2015

Where the magic happens...

And by "where the magic happens" I mean the room where I spent countless hours sat at my desk meeting deadlines for university, or writing blog posts or watching TV. And a fair few hours sleeping too. I promised you guys a room tour in one of my recent posts, and so here it is!

I guess that the first thing I should point out is that this is my bedroom in my house at university (i.e. where I actually spend most of my time). However, since I rent this it does mean that I don't have a say in the furniture - not that any of it is horrible, I just wouldn't choose to have that type of wooden furniture.

First up, in the above picture you can see a mirror which hangs on the back of my built-in cupboard. This mirror was £9.99 I believe from poundstretchers - bought the day after I moved in and I realised that my new room didn't have a full size mirror!

On top of my large chest of drawers I keep a small mirror, my makeup bag, my makeup brushes and a wicker basket of skincare items.

My parents came and visited me in October and we went to Dobbies where they bought me this little plant tray and I got to choose some plants to fill it with as a housewarming present. I chose an Opuntia (the one that someone told me looks like Mickey Mouse) (£2.99), at the back is a Haworthia (£1.99) and at the front is a Succulent (£1.99). I really really love this little collection of plants!

Above my bed I have my quote wall. Yes, each one of these square photos has a different quote on it. Some are motivational, some funny, some just kind of poetic. I found the majority of these on tumblr/pinterest/instagram and the others I made myself. I can't quite remember which website I used to print these but they arrived already cut to be square in a very short time frame!

The fairy lights are battery powered from Primark for a few pounds and despite what the lighting in the picture suggests (fairy lights always look better with the curtains closed) they do extend in a heart shape around all of the quotes.

I'm so so happy that I get a double bed AND one with a good mattress! You spend so much of your life in bed (and some myself more than others) that it makes a huge difference if it is comfortable. I have flowery bedsheets from Debenhams (old) with a raspberry coloured undersheet, a cosy blanket and three cushions. The front one is three French Bulldogs sat on the doorsteps with the different coloured doors! 

Next I have a candle from Primark (£2.00) on my windowsill as well as a reed diffuser which smells like clean laundry. In the corner you can just about see my keyboard, and I also have an acoustic guitar between my keyboard and another free-standing wardrobe (I forgot to take a picture from the other end of my room, sorry!).

Above my desk I have these three posters, again I'm sorry about the lighting - sometimes having such a huge window with loads of natural light is a curse not a blessing! Below I have a few more square photos, this time of myself with my friends and family.

There we have it! Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what your favourite feature of your bedroom is.