Saturday, 17 October 2015

Versatile Blogger Award

Oh em eff gee, two posts from me in one week! Looks like I have my life together (for the moment anyway). Today's post is one that has been on the cards for ages, I was tagged by Chloe from basicallychloe to do the Versatile Blogger Award - apologies to Chloe, that I'm only just getting round to doing this now. Sorry!

Thank you so much to Chloe for nominating me, it honestly puts such a huge smile on my face to be mentioned by other people and to see that they want to see me post something.

Here are my seven facts:
(1) The majority of instagram accounts that I follow are french bulldogs, pugs and cats and I will legitimately tap whoever I'm with on the arm a million times until they look at the adorable picture that I'm looking at. And then repeat this until they beg me to stop showing them pictures of animals. THEY'RE JUST SO EFFING ADORABLE.

(2) My bedroom is so cold right now that I'm sat at my desk with a blanket wrapped around my legs like a burrito. #studentproblems

(3) I should most definitely be doing uni work right now but I have rediscovered a love of blogging and that should most definitely be a reason that my reading isn't done for this week okay?

(4) I'm staring at a flapjack I bought earlier that I want to save for tomorrow but it is literally screaming out to be eaten. SCREAMING

(5) It's October, and so it's almost some sort of blasphemy to say this, but I don't really like Halloween. I always think it's too overhyped. I do love horror films though, so that's hopefully my Halloween plans for this year. I also love doing Halloween face paint, and below you can see what I went as last year. I used some kind of latex stuff to make a 3D wound on my neck and forehead, and basically wore ripped up clothing - super budget but it kind of worked.

(6) Thinking of things to say is just getting tricky now. Uhhhh..... I can lick my nose AND fit my whole fist in my mouth. Although not at the same time..... hahahahaha

(7) I wore a scarf for the first time this Autumn today, that's when you know its finally getting really cold!

I tag anyone reading this who has a blog and who hasn't done this tag to do it! Thanks for reading.