Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What's in my bag? - night out edition

I thought that this would be a good post to do as it's a wee bit different to normal "what's in my bag?" posts and it's also clear that for nights out you need a completely different set of things to what you need during the day. It's also freshers week for a lot of people at the moment or in the coming weeks so I hope this is helpful to some of you.

I know that a lot of my friends don't take a bag out with them and instead just stuff everything down their bra but I don't like to do this because (a) I don't have a whole lot of room in that department and (b) I would hate to lose something because it fell out while I was dancing (my friends and I do tend to go a bit crazy with our dancing in clubs, c'mon it's the one time of the week when we can let loose).

My bag is from H&M and it was only £7.99, I know that it's quite plain but because of this that means it goes with every outfit I wear out. I also really love the gold detailing on the zip. I couldn't find the exact one online but I found two similar ones here and here (£7.99 each).

Now onto what I actually keep in my bag! In the tiny zippered inside pocket I keep things I probably won't need but that I like to have: plasters, hair grips and a condom. The condom isn't necessarily for me as I'm not the type of person to go home with a different guy every night I've been out to a club (although nothing wrong with that, you do you), but in my mind it's good to be sensible and prepared and have one just in case. Also if one of my friends didn't have one, then I could give them that one. Safe sex is so important guys!

In the main part of my bag I keep:

  • my purse
  • my keys
  • my phone - Samsung Galaxy S6
  • a form of ID - usually my driving license but I don't have it at the moment as I'm waiting for my full license to be posted out to me, so currently I'm using my passport
  • chewing gum - even if I wasn't a serial gum chewer I would always carry some, incase of a wee kiss with someone or much, much more likely, your mate throws up and needs something to take the taste away....
  • an extremely battered face powder (Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder £3.99) and a teeny and very old No7 powder brush
  • my lipstick of choice for the evening, this one is Rimmel Kate Lipstick Shade 22 (£5.49), it's a gorgeous pillar box red

In my purse I have cash, my AAA card (free entry to my favourite club in Aberdeen), usually my driving license and my bank card. I know some people don't take their bank card out with them but I would hate to be stranded in town with no money for a taxi home so I always take mine out with me. It also acts as a second form of ID (some reaaaally strict places ask me for a second form of ID, probably since I look about 15).

So that's what I take out with me on a night out! Let me know in the comments if you guys think I've missed anything essential! Oh - and I always make sure I have taxi numbers saved to my phone, just incase the taxi rank is empty. Stay safe guys, and hope you're having a fantastic week!