Thursday, 9 July 2015

My first driving lesson


I feel like I've waited for far too long to start learning to drive, which is ridiculous because I'm only 18 and several of my friends haven't even started yet, let alone passed! I just remember being in my last year of high school where everyone was learning and passing theory tests and practical tests left right and centre, and now Facebook has quieted down so much with everyone posting that they've passed that I feel it's old news now to be learning!

To be fair to myself, I was the youngest in the year and wasn't 17 until the very end of the year by which time I was sitting my advanced higher exams (basically first year university level and almost equivalent to A levels in England). Learning to drive took a bit of a back seat in my mind. Then I went to university in a huge big city and just thought: NO. WAY. IN. HELL. am I learning to drive here.

But I'm home to my town for the summer and I thought, might as well. I've no other commitments this summer so I can focus on it entirely. I decided to do a semi-intensive course which are offered by a lot of driving schools. Basically I'm learning to drive in 3 weeks! (The intensive course is ONE WEEK!). It's 5 lessons of 2 hours a week and I arranged to start it as soon as I'm back from visiting my Granda.

Then my driving instructor was dropping off a DVD to help me study for the theory test and offered to take me out for my first lesson the next day, separate from the semi-intensive course. I didn't even have time to be nervous.

He drove me to a huge car park, which was fairly empty although did get a bit of lunchtime traffic. The first hour was basically chatting and safety, learning the inside of the car first. Then the second hour was me driving around the car park, steering around lampposts and parked cars and pretty much stalling every five minutes. A direct quote from the day was:

"Me: Oh crap oh crap oh oh we're going awfully fast aren't we?"
"Instructor: Emma, you've reached a top speed of 8mph."

It feels a lot faster when you're just learning believe me! Although on the second lesson I was going 60mph on a country road. I was told I would improve quickly but seriously!

Let me know in the comments about your experiences learning to drive. I can't wait to start my semi-intensive course now!