Tuesday, 28 July 2015

5 quick and easy breakfast ideas


Everyone knows that it's really really important to eat breakfast in the morning - it gives you a boost of energy and nutrients to help you concentrate and get you through the day. The thing is, a lot of people don't bother with breakfast or don't eat something that's very good for them. I'll put my hand up at this point and say that yes I went through my senior years at school eating a cereal bar as I ran for the bus, and in the last year at university if it was an early morning lecture I usually skipped breakfast and had a footlong Subway at lunchtime to make up for it.

Enough is enough.

It takes about 15 minutes to make yourself a good, filling breakfast and eat it. Less if you wolf your food down. Below are 5 of the breakfasts I choose to eat regularly. I know that cereal and toast are hardly mind blowing, but have a think about what other toppings you could try and see if that inspires you to eat breakfast more regularly.

1. Cereal
Ingredients: cereal, milk
Toppings: fresh fruit, dried fruit

My favourite cereals are Sugar Puffs, Cornflakes and All-Bran Golden Crunch. I tend to alternate between these three types, so why not think about having different cereals on the go at once? Fresh fruit toppings can include strawberries, banana, blueberries and dried fruit toppings can include raisins, cranberries or apricots.

2. Porridge
Ingredients: porridge oats, milk
Toppings: honey, jam, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nutella

I recommend the Quaker Oats Oat So Simple because it comes in little sachets so you don't need to try and guesstimate the quantity of oats. It also comes in loads of different flavours. My favourite toppings are berries, a spoonful of jam or 1/2 an apple. You can also use frozen fruit for this as they defrost in the microwave!

3. Toast
Ingredients: bread
Toppings: butter, jam, nutella, peanut butter, chopped banana, avocado, fried egg

I don't normally have toast in the morning because I prefer to have toast at toast o'clock (midnight-ish haha). To make your morning toast a bit more interesting why not try a different type of bread: seeded, 50:50, brown. Alternatively, whack on a new topping!

4. Muffins
Find the recipe here.

I like to make these muffins on a Sunday evening, I usually half the recipe and make 6 muffins which lasts me for three days. These are great for if you have a really early start so you can just grab them and go. These ones are really great because they use honey instead of sugar and are meant to be low in calories.

5. Yoghurt
Ingredients: natural yoghurt
Toppings: apple, banana, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi

This one I don't tend to do as often as you have to have lots of different fresh fruit available. Often when I have made the muffins there is a bit of yoghurt left so I have this for breakfast.

Let me know in the comments what other breakfast ideas or toppings you like!