Tuesday, 7 July 2015

15 things I learned during my first year at university

Welcome to my first student-ey tips post. This series is going to focus on my tips for students - life hacks, money saving and university information. Even if you're not at university, I'm sure you could benefit from some of the tips!

1. You aren't going to click with everyone you meet.
This is most clear during Fresher's week when you meet dozens and dozens of new people at every flat party you go to. You don't have to like everyone and you sure as hell don't have to be liked by everyone. Make the effort to get on with your flatmates, and the people you do get on with will stick around and become your closest friends.

2. Takeout is going to become an essential part of your week.
More often than not, in our flat, we ended up having takeout during the week rather than at weekends. Sometimes we had both. When you've had a ridiculously hard day and you can't be bothered cooking you will find someone willing to order takeout with you. Domino's Two for Tuesday is a student favourite.

3. You aren't going to make it to every 9am lecture (or every 4pm lecture for that matter).
I got an A and I went to my 4pm lecture twice out of the eleven weeks. I mean, I was pulling all nighters before the exam, but I got to go home at 2pm every Thursday instead of 5pm. A good swap in my mind.

4. A sleeping pattern is no longer something you will have.
You will abuse the fact that your parents are no longer there to send you to bed at 11pm every night. And when it's 3am and there's only 2 episodes left in the season of the TV series you're watching you think, ehhhh, might as well get it finished. I'll go to my 9am lecture next week.

5. Cereal works for every meal.
As a result of number 4, lunch will be the first meal of your day. So then by midnight, you'll be starving. Hence, cereal or toast at midnight. Alone at first, until you invite a flatmate that you know will also be up at that time. Sometimes, you'll invite a guy round for toast o'clock. It's an important milestone, sharing your favourite time of day with someone. And it's ten times better after a night out.

6. Eat and drink something after a night out.
Toast o'clock and a pint of water is my secret to being hangover free the next morning. Trust me on this. No nausea or headaches. Jobs a gid'un.

7. You will calculate the cost of everything by how many drinks it is worth.
£15 is no longer £15. It's an entire bottle of vodka. Or it's 5 doubles.

8. Pre-drinks are sometimes the best part of the night.
You're with your nearest and dearest, you get to choose what music is playing and it's at a volume that you can actually hear yourself think. Oh and did I mention drinking games? Nuff said.

9. Throwing up before a night out is not frowned upon rather congratulated.
Drinks at home are cheaper than a bar or a club, so the more you drink at home, the cheaper your night is going to be. And if that leads you to have a tac-tac-chun-chun (tactical chunder for those not familiar) then you are a legend.

10. You feel more loyal to your halls than to your country.
Everyone not in your halls is an idiot for not being there and their halls are subpar.

11. There is no doubt that the rival university is the worst university in the country.
There is always a rivalry between universities in the same city. Nothing serious, just a bit of light hearted teasing of everyone you meet from the other uni.

12. There will always be someone willing to have a drink with you.

13. Don't mix your favourite soft drink with alcohol. It will ruin it.
I haven't been able to drink Irn Bru since.

14. Eating raw jelly cubes is the same as an energy tablet.
Honest to god. When you've run out of Lucozade tablets and Pro-plus tablets and you need to pull an all-nighter to pass your exam the next day, don't resort to a spoonful of coffee (icky) when a single jelly cube will do the trick.

15. Everyone has one thing they can't do when drunk.
Most people can't text when drunk, others can't form coherent sentences or keep their eyes open or stop themselves from crying. Everyone has a thing. After a broken nose and a sprained ankle this year and 10 hours total spent in the hospital, I've come to the conclusion that I can't stand upright when I've been drinking. I wasn't even in heels.