Monday, 15 June 2015

A song I listen to when I'm angry

James Bay - "Running"

I have a playlist on Spotify titled Breathe filled with slow, calm songs for me to listen to when I'm so angry that my heart is racing and my blood is boiling. "Running" is the first song on the playlist because (and I appreciate that this might sound ridiculous), often when I get really annoyed I find that going for a really long run that makes my lungs burn really clears my head, and this song is called "Running". So if it is a time of day (i.e. the middle of the night) when I can't really go for a run and I am cooped up in my room then I put this song on and it honestly helps.

This whole album (Chaos and the Calm) is absolutely incredible. It went to number 1 in the UK. "Running" is actually on the Deluxe version. My music tastes have changed so much within the past year. I used to really love pop-punk type music like You Me At Six and Mayday Parade and although I do still like that type of music, I find myself listening to artists like James Bay, Jake Bugg and Benjamin Francis Leftwich a lot more often.

I'm half way through this 30 day challenge and I'm loving writing these posts - I hope you guys are too! Let me know if there are any other similar artists that I should listen to.